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Hidden Pictures Super Challenge 8-Book Set

Ages 9-12

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Hidden Pictures Super Challenge books were created to satisfy the most passionate puzzlers; this set includes all 8 books. This challenging level of puzzles takes a little extra effort but is also extra rewarding!

Super Challenge has puzzle types that are only found in this series:

  • Wrap-Around Cover puzzle, with hidden objects on the front cover, and the word clues themselves hidden on the back!
  • 6 By Six, a single list of word clues and 6 small puzzles. Kids have the added challenge of figuring out which clues go with which puzzles.
  • Secret Code puzzles — crack the code to find the clue list
  • Hidden in Plain Sight puzzles that camouflage the hidden objects in real photographs
  • And much more!

Hidden Pictures Super Challenge has added layers of game play on each page, so each puzzle is more than just a scene with hidden objects. With each puzzle, kids will learn fun facts, strengthen school skills or explore our fascinating world.

Some of the double-duty fun includes:

  • Quiz puzzles that feature in-depth looks at interesting animals or other items
  • Geography adventures to famous sights on planet Earth
  • Word searches, codes and other word games that provide the Hidden Pictures clues
  • Silly fill-ins that use the hidden object clue words to make zany stories

While there’s lots that’s new and different about Hidden Pictures Super Challenge, it still includes all the skill-building fun you’ve come to expect. This series delivers fun and variety kids can't resist, along with quality and value parents appreciate. 

NOTE: This set includes the items in the 4-book set that is sold separately.

Product Details:
Contents: 8 paperback books
Pages: 32 per book 
Product Dimensions: 8 3/8" x 10 7/8"
ISBN: 9781644726211
Ages: 9-12


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