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Puzzlemania 4-Book Set

Ages 8-12

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These 4 colorful Puzzlemania books are packed with Hidden Pictures scenes, mazes, brainteasers, word games, number puzzles, What’s Wrong? scenes and other kids puzzles. The wide variety of activities keep kids engaged and entertained while they practice important learning and strategic thinking skills that they’ll need in school and in life. And the more comfortable kids are using the skills they’ve learned, the more they’ll grow in independence and self-assurance.

Puzzlemania puzzle books promote reading, writing, math, problem-solving, concentration and attention to detail; kids have tons of fun. What could be better?


Product Details:
Contents: 4 paperback books
Pages: 36 per book
Product Dimensions: 8.375" x 10.875"
ISBN: 9780875345260
Covers may vary


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