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Top Secret Adventures: The Americas Collection

Ages 7-12

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This set includes: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru

There is more to America than just the United States! From Halifax, Nova Scotia, to the Plaza St. Martin in Lima, Peru, kids will love exploring the Americas with Top Secret Adventures kits.

Each country kit is a mission, where kids unravel a mystery by solving word searches, Hidden Pictures puzzles, coded messages and more, using clues from the guidebook. Along the way, they learn about the people, culture, history and geography of various nations, while they build important research and study skills that will last a lifetime.

With each kit, there’s a mission assignment letter that introduces the adventure, a puzzle book, a colorfully illustrated country guide book, trading cards of the case’s villainous (and hilarious) suspects, a collectible mission tag and a storage portfolio.


Product Details:
Contents: 7 kits, each with guidebook, puzzle book, trading cards and storage folder
Pages: 36 per puzzle book, 32 per guidebook
Product Dimensions: portfolio 9 ¼" x 11"
ISBN: 9781620915257


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